Learn how to drive a truck via this App

Turn over the motor and feel the intensity of gigantic trucks while driving through US.

This is the minute everyone has been sitting tight for – we present fresh out of the box new Truck Simulator PRO 2, the greater and better form of exceptionally effective a year ago’s version.

Construct your moving domain driving colossal and incredible trucks on American soil in the best and most progressive test system game accessible on cell phones.

Colossal open world with correctly mapped a large number of miles of streets anticipates for your entry. Appreciate painstakingly planned viaducts, tremendous street crossing points and extensions just as increasingly broadened courses among slopes, valleys, dams and bogs.

In TSP 2 you can investigate half of USA’s parkways and visit 10 major urban areas: Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Helena, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, El Paso, Albuquerque, San Diego.

Ever pondered how is it to fill in as an expert truck driver? Experience the battle through reasonable weakness and fuel utilization frameworks that can leave you with your gas tank void amidst no place!

You have to design the course cautiously and deal with each part of your work to convey freight on schedule and procure most extreme compensation.

Keep in mind, you are not the only one out and about – police may observe intently, so any kind of carelessness like speeding or harming different vehicles will result in tickets and punishments that influence your wallet.

On long and twisting street to riches you will get an opportunity to buy and ride 8 completely adaptable trucks with various driving model.

You can redo different components of your trucks: wheels, spoilers, gearbox, wings, bumpers, bullhorns, sunshields, fumes framework any some more.

Just constraints are your very own feeling of visual computerization and creative mind. Don’t hesitate to make an amazing truck you had always wanted and contrast your plans with those of your companions.

Weary of monotonous errands? That is never again an issue! In Truck Simulator PRO 2 you will encounter sensible missions of an expert driver – like conveying timber to sandmills or overwhelming apparatus to street works.

Several missions to achieve will keep you involved for a significant lot of time!


  • 8 trucks with various driving models that you can possess, tweak and update.
  • Variety of payloads to ship crosswise over gigantic guide covering half of USA’s parkways.
  • Over 30 distinct kinds of shipments/payloads to convey.
  • Breathtaking open world to investigate.
  • 10 major urban areas to visit.
  • Realistic fuel utilization and weariness framework.
  • Expanded customization.
  • Hundreds of sensible journeys.
  • Detailed inside perspective on each truck.

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