Health insurance via this App, check your blood Pressure now

Control your circulatory strain with different form in highlights like estimations examination, measurements, diagrams, thorough reports your specialist will love and numerous different devices to investigate high or low pulse!

On account of this application you will find independent from anyone else what, when, and how various components impact your circulatory strain!

Key highlights:

★ Very well disposed and simple being used UI.

★ Save, alter or update your estimation.

★ Describe your records:

  • Tags – compose short depictions and use them over and again.
  • Date and time of BP estimation.
  • The qualities ​​(systolic, diastolic, heartbeat and weight).
  • Description.

★ Support for numerous clients.

★ Interactive graphs

★ Statistics and circulatory strain factors:

  • MAP – Mean Arterial Pressure.
  • PP – Pulse Pressure.
  • 24h normal.
  • Blood Pressure graph.
  • Cards with examination of various timespans and components.
  • and considerably more!

★ Export information:

  • CSV.
  • PDF – definite circulatory strain reports.
  • circulatory strain charts and insights from application.

★ Reminders – screens circulatory strain consistently

★ Filters – boundless potential outcomes in your grasp. Choose what circulatory strain information the application will appear, investigate or trade!

★ Appearance – Customize the presence of the application to your needs

  • Light and Dark topic.
  • Customizable hues for estimations of systolic, diastolic, heartbeat and weight. Particularly valuable for partially blind clients.

★ Categories: Choose from different circulatory strain models like JNC7, JNC8, ESH/ESC, Isolated Hypertension, Hypotension.

★ Backups all your pulse information, so no compelling reason to stress over loosing them.

Notwithstanding, recollect that despite everything you need a circulatory strain screen, so as to peruse the qualities ​​of blood pressure(systolic, diastolic, beat, arrhythmia and so on.). Likewise, this application does not supplant proficient medicinal treatment of your specialist!

If you want to download it from here please.

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